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Hey there! I'm Chris. I started Prototype Productions with the intention of creating a private production company for relatively small events with a cozy and fun atmosphere. I will be working directly for and with you to ensure that your event is as successful as possible. Please read the event disclaimers and then feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, a quote request or other booking inquiries...

Lighting Event Disclaimer

  • The venue must either be inside or fully covered from rain to prevent equipment damage. We do not provide tents, canopys or a portable dance floor.

  • All lights will be running in 'sound activated' mode or on their 'automatic' setting. We do not provide DMX programming or control (no custom light shows). 


  • One or more lighting technicians will be present to monitor equipment. 

There is a fee of $30/per hour of travel time.

Payment can be made via check or cash the day of the event or through payment app such as PayPal, Venmo, or Apple Pay. 

DJ Event Disclaimer
I believe that a DJ's job is to play good music and supply sound and lighting equipment. I'm not one of those DJs who is constantly talking into the microphone and pestering people to dance. However, I am more than happy to MC or make as many announcements as needed.  
  • I prefer to do events for adults ages 18 and up. It's fine if there are children present, but I do not do events for young people such as school dances, bar mitzvahs, sweet 16 parties, etc.  
  • Note for DRY WEDDING RECEPTIONS: In my 10+ years of experience, I can say for certain that people dance much less at dry wedding receptions. I have no problem DJing dry weddings, just please don't expect a rocking dance floor.
  • I don't speak any languages other than English so I am not familiar with many types of foreign music. I can still play it, but I will need specific instruction on which songs to play. 
There is also some music that I will not play for various reasons. This music includes:
  • Anything with screaming in it
  • Heavy Metal
  • Anything with racist, sexist or homophobic lyrics
  • There is a fee of $30/per hour of travel time.
  • I prefer that payment be made on the day of the event via written check HOWEVER...
  •  I will also accept cash or  payment app such as PayPal, Venmo or Apple Pay.