Event Lighting & Sound


Here at Prototype Productions, we provide quality lighting and sound equipment for a variety of purposes. We service small to mid-sized events throughout the bay area. Perfect for small concerts, weddings, parties, business presentations, and much more!


This is not a rental service, but rather a lighting and sound service. Meaning I, and sometimes one other lighting technicians will be setting up and running the equipment for you! We will either stay the entire length of the event, or check in periodically to ensure everything runs smoothly. Then we'll pack eveything up at the end.

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Lighting and Sound Equipment

Up Lighting/Par lights

These versatile lights can be set to any color. As 'up lights', they create beautiful mood lighting for just about any occasion. As 'par lights', they provide vibrant stage wash lighting for live entertainment.

Projector & Screen

This 4000 lumen projector can be used to display images onto a wall or onto the provided 120 inch projector screen. Personalized slide shows may be displayed for business presentations or for social celebrations. Mesmerizing psychedelic light shows can also be displayed for an awesome dance floor effect.

Moving Head Lights

A staple among live music shows, these motorized moving lights spin and dance to the beat. They display a variety of colors and gobo patterns. And their strong LED beams are capable of reaching an impressive distance.

Mini Laser Projectors

A crowd favorite - these projectors have red, green and blue lasers. They have an assortment of entertaining patterns that sync with any music that is playing. Each mini projector covers a relatively large area and can be operated independently.

PA Speakers & Wireless Microphones

This Bose L1 Array speaker system has impressive sound quality, a built in subwoofer, and a wide area of sound coverage. Two speakers are available, though one speaker is usually more than enough for business presentations and most small events. 


Also available are two wireless microphones with quality sound and reliability. Microphone stands will also be provided.

Formal Lighting Packages

These lighting packages are best suited for low key formal events such as business presentations, speeches, seminars, etc... 

Set the tone for any event with some classy up lighting. Every color and multiple color mixing modes available.

$100 Setup Fee

+ $15/per hour of event

Everything you need for your next business presentation, slide show, or any other event that needs sound and a big screen.

$125 Setup Fee

+ $15/per hour of event

Add an extra element of ambience with a projector playing your choice of video, slide show, or a still image. Projector has built in speaker for background sound.


$150 Setup Fee

+ $15/per hour of event

Impress your audience with a quality sound system, up lighting and projector.


$200 Setup Fee

+ $15/per hour of event

Party Packages

These lighting packages were meant for creating a vibrant party atmosphere. Perfect for small concerts, weddings, parties and more...

Simple lighting setup perfect for smaller dance parties with limited space.

$100 Setup Fee

+ $15/per hour of event

Like the dance package but includes a projector that can be

used for whatever you want! Also includes additional fog machine.

 Setup Fee

+ $15/per hour of event

The Disco Package more than doubles the number of lighting effects of the smaller packages. This requires the use of a 10 foot long lighting truss. And of course, it includes a large disco ball.

$200 Setup Fee

+ $15/per hour of event

Really get the dance floor going with every lighting effect in our arsenal! This package adds an awesome video projection background as well as 4 on-stage Up Lights to the already robust Disco Package.

$250 Setup Fee

+ $15/per hour of event


  • The venue must either be inside or fully covered from rain to prevent equipment damage. We do not provide tents, canopys or a portable dance floor.

  • All lights will be running in 'sound activated' mode or on their 'automatic' setting. We do not provide DMX programming or control (no custom light shows). 

  • There is a fee of $30/per hour of travel time. 

Payment can be made via check or cash on the day of the event or via cash app such as PayPal, Venmo or Apple Pay..

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